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May 21, 2008



Congrats, you big Sakamoto! I give you credit, because I'm a liberal feminist. That means you must like me!

Ed Keer

I read an article recently about a guy in CA who took his wife's last name. He had to spend like a billion dollars in court fees and go through miles of red tape. Obviously, if things has been reversed the change would have been easier. Was that your experience?

Sean Sakamoto

I remember that case. There is a time when you fill out your marriage license that you can change your name very easily. California used to only let women do that, but they've since changed that law.

New York would have allowed me, but I chickened out when I got married. So ultimately I did have to hire a lawyer, spend a ton of money, and go through lots of red tape. I'm glad I did it though.


you may be a sakamoto now, but you're still a big bison to me old pal.


So you believe women deserve scorn because they change their name due to "tradition," but you consider yourself superior to them because you "elected" to take your partner's name? Well aren't we superior to all those dumb unenlightened women. Aren't we entitled to look down on them!

First of all, it is only tradition that caused you to take your wife's name because taking a spouses name is purely a custom or tradition that has evolved in certain cultures. You are aware that there are cultures with no such tradition? Second, you took your wife's name out of obvious political correctness. I don't think think that makes you as superior as you seem to think in your smugness. But that's just me. Marriage and marital name change are all traditions, and you are just as "traditional" as the women you scorn and insult when you embrace those traditions. Also the idea that your gender determines whether it is or is not acceptable to change your name at marriage, is also "traditional", isn't it?

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